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Copper & Cows Onside Report

Cows & Copper Mexican Revolution (again) Onside Report I wrote some design notes for this game to say what I was trying to achieve. It arose after I had a look at my old Mexico Game rules & was taken aback at their complexity. It also followed from chatting with Andrew H about my perceived […]

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Adlerangriff – Manual Real Time Game

 Onside Report by Jim Wallman Following one of ‘those conversations’ with Rob Cooper a few months ago, I drafted out a potential way of running a game about a day in the life of the Battle of Britain but not using computers, and being played in real time – that is one minute of game […]

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Somme Centenary – a commentary on the battle


Today is the centenary of the first infantry attacks in the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Zero Hour was 07:30, and at that point the whistles blew and the infantry began their advance across no-man’s land towards the German trenches. The infantry attack was preceded by over a week’s artillery bombardment of one and […]

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Revolutionary Warfare – Onside by James Kemp

Revolutionary Warfare in France 1789

Another post from the Archives, this is James Kemp’s onside report of Revolutionary Warfare from January 2003. It was written for milmud and archived on his website at Revolutionary Warfare – Onside Report by James Kemp When I played Andy Grainger’s A Month in Country I immediately thought of some of the parallels with my Revolutionary […]

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Viperous Worm: Gaming popular opinion, 1450


Onside report by Nick Luft, from June 2016 Session I wanted to design a game that reflected how popular opinion was formed. The rival players would promote their cause and the neutral players would provide a commentary and analysis that would create the game’s popular opinion. The neutral players would have their own agendas and would be able […]

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CLWG Games Weekend 1995 – Sunday


Part 2 of yesterday’s report on the CLWG Games Weekend 1995. Originally published in the May 1995 edition of Milmud and archived on James Kemp’s Cold Steel blog. CLWG Games Weekend 1995 – Sunday Military Spin Sunday dawned a new day and I had done my homework on the Charge of the Light Brigade. The […]

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